Have you seen any interesting wildlife on Alderney?
Please record your sightings in the box below. If possible please note the time, date and location of your sighting.
Thank You.
(These sightings are personal records and have not been verified.)


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1:25pm 29-01-2012
Gareth (Alderney Wil
2 Brent Goose and 2 Curlew on Longis Bay Beach
2 Raven over Essex Castle yesterday at noon
4:38pm 27-01-2012
Lois Le Lacheur
Friday 27th January, 1 raven, 1 grey heron, 3 curlew, flock of black headed gulls at Platte Saline 3.30pm
11:43am 17-01-2012
Liz Morgan
Dartford warbler heard on the Giffoine yesterday evening.
8:42am 16-01-2012
Liz Morgan
Razorbill fishing in Braye bay yesterday (Sun 15th)
2:53pm 13-01-2012
Brent Goose on Platte Saline common today - dark form.
2:09pm 09-01-2012
Liz Morgan
The Fulmars are back on the South Cliffs and a pair of Ravens were performing a spectacular arial display too. We have also had reports of frogspawn in garden ponds already!
2:10pm 30-12-2011
Hottentot Fig is flowering around Longis.
11:44am 28-12-2011
Helen Martin
Just found out from Nick & Jane about posting sightings on here - saw a Female Slow Worm on the Southern Cliff path East of Quatre Vent on 8th October 2011.
6:41pm 24-12-2011
Kestrel and Buzzard over the cliffs at Giffoine/above Hannaine bay this morning (24/12/12)
6:30pm 21-12-2011
20 December
Above Hannaine bay Peregrines and Kestrels were flying along the cliffs.
Kestrel hunting beside road at bottom of hill by Tourgis.
6:22pm 21-12-2011
Observations from the Giffoine, 17 December.
Kestrels hunting on the cliffs over Hannaine bay.
6:11pm 21-12-2011
16 December:
Observed in the Clonque bay area:
Curlew; a flock of 12+ flying near Tourgis fort
Egrets 5+
Oystercatchers a flock of 40-50 flying near the beach
Kestrels and a Peregin were seen from the car park at Clonque.
Cormorants were also observed.
2:35pm 16-12-2011
Liz Morgan
Barn Owl flew over longis road yesterday eve (15th Dec)
4:03pm 15-12-2011
Steve Shaw
For the last 5 days we have had a Greater Spotted Woodpecker visiting our a peanut bird feeder at Woodlands, Fontaine David. A bird of habits it always arrives at 1330 ish!
1:29am 11-12-2011
Julie Turner
small mouse-like creature ran out of my compost bin (Essex Castle) as I dug it out- about 10cm long including tail - tail not skinny and was the same colour as the body - it was dark straw yellow. It looked long and thin as it ran. The colour of a dormouse in all the images I have seen. Thoughts?
Replied on: 9:10am 12-12-2011

Most likely candidate is a wood mouse.

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