Have you seen any interesting wildlife on Alderney?
Please record your sightings in the box below. If possible please note the time, date and location of your sighting.
Thank You.
(These sightings are personal records and have not been verified.)


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12:05pm 20-05-2011
3 Bee Eaters over Platte Saline yesterday (19/5) and one Hobby over St Anne.
11:14am 18-05-2011
Mark Harding
2 puffins spotted at the end of the old pier at Cachlierre at 18.30 on 17th May. Travelling west to east with the tide swimming and diving. Never saw them come back up ater the third or fourth dive.
10:08am 18-05-2011
May 14th - strange record of late redpoll calling - going north 1745.
10:04am 18-05-2011
222 herring gulls loafing off Coque Lihou - May 16 0820
94 ditto by Impot 1145
Spotted flycatcher - Nunnery car park - May 16 1225
7 house martin through over Braye 1645 - none lingering
Razorbill - 1 Telegraph Bay - May 16 0715
9:53am 17-05-2011
David Wedd
Monday 16th May 3.00pm, Corblets reservoir & quarry, lots of dragonflies: Large Red, Common Blue & Azure Damselflies; 4-spotted Chaser (first for several years), Emperor (several) & probable Vagrant Emperor, if so, it's new to the Channel Islands. Also lots of very large carp!
9:19am 10-05-2011
May 8th Sedge warbler - hospital grounds
May 9th Cuckoo - skulking in mid Bonne-Terre
7 singing blackcaps there
large numbers of swallows in from south 0730-0930
no house martins with them.
May 10th first hobby through north over Doyle 0745
3 single ringed plovers west end Saline though not on eggs
4:10pm 09-05-2011
Heard the first cookoo calling this year 06.05.11 Essex Farm
9:18am 09-05-2011
2 Harriers spotted over Community Woodland 07.05.11

Sea Hare found in a rock pookl at Clonque 01.05.11

Mussels growing on mooring rope in inner harbour 29.04.11
4:58pm 08-05-2011
An Osprey was seen by AR today at 12.30 over fort Albert.
4:57pm 08-05-2011
A Golden Oriole was reported on the 7th May- by telegraph tower nr airfield.
4:14pm 07-05-2011
David Wedd
Friday afternoon Clouded Yellow butterfly on Braye common; Friday night, moths to light traps during thunderstorm included Seraphim (in the Valley) & Oak Hook-tip (Jack Etheredge, Blaye Cottage), both new to Alderney.
2:13pm 07-05-2011
George Dale
Turtle dove feeding on the ground in Rue Genet mid-morning 2nd May
11:42am 02-05-2011
Lots of birds singing on the Dawn Chorus walk today- Including a Dartford warbler on top of Essex Hill!
3:13pm 26-04-2011
Black kite sighted high over Mannez going south at 0625 Friday 22nd April(AR). 24th April female Honey Buzzard seen flying North out to sea(AR). .
10:40am 26-04-2011
Pair of tufted duck at Longis Pond (afternoon 26/4/11)
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