Have you seen any interesting wildlife on Alderney?
Please record your sightings in the box below. If possible please note the time, date and location of your sighting.
Thank You.
(These sightings are personal records and have not been verified.)


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9:42am 28-11-2011
Liz Morgan
A variety of different birds on Longis Pond during the Alderney Bird Club Walk yesterday (Sun 27th): a pair of shoveller still present along with two pairs of teal, 3 little egret, a little grebe and the usual mallard, moorhen and coots. A sparrowhawk was also seen from the hide. Plenty of birds on the feeders including Pheasent, Blue tit, Great tit, Chaffinch, Dunnock, Greenfinch and a robin. Two Buzzards were seen over Mannez and another sparrowhawk.
4:23pm 25-11-2011
25th November
Pair of shovelers at Longsi pond (with mallards, coots, moorhens) & a water rail under the bird feeders, the first this winter(?)
9:18am 21-11-2011
Liz Morgan
A few interesting birds from my WeBs count on Sunday the 20th - 1 Med gull on Braye beach with 65 oystercatchers. 28 ringed plover on Platte Saline with one sanderling. Only mallard on Longis as there were quite a few people out on the beach.
9:14am 21-11-2011
Liz Morgan
Plenty of small birds were using the feeding station at Longis. A Sparrowhawk was sat on the post by Longis bird hide on Saturday~(19th). A little egret and 3 teal were also on the pond.
12:10pm 14-11-2011
Liz Morgan
Possible Short-eared Owl seen over Longis common yesterday at 3pm, also 4 gadwall on Longis pond and a large flock of Greenfinch by the hide.
11:04am 10-11-2011
Liz M
8.11.11- Flock of 50+ Fieldfare and a few Redwing by the willow weaving site at the community woodland. Black Redstart below the Odeon.
9.11.11- 3 Brent geese at longis (per Chris Tozer)
1:03pm 06-11-2011
Francis Short
We had a bat in our bedroom 3rd Nov At 9pm At lights out. Managed to net it & put outside. Clos Carre.
5:33pm 23-10-2011
Angela Mason
Snow Bunting at Corblets October 23rd 2011 about 15.00h. Spotted on the grass at the top of the steep steps which lead down to the beach.
11:20am 22-10-2011
Roland Gauvain
Just spotted a small Theo Gauvain just arrived in on Alderney, probably blown in from the south, seems to be hanging around the gardens south of St. Anne
10:21am 29-09-2011
Yellow-winged Darter dragonfly at Trois Vaux, 27th September; Scarce Bordered Straw in moth trap on 28th.
8:57pm 24-09-2011
David Wedd
Night of 23rd September, Death's Head Hawk-moth in light trap at Wells House - the island's second record since Victorian times!
9:23am 15-09-2011
Myrtle Rae
Saw a bird near lighthouse, about size of thrush or maybe little larger, with quiff and pinkish chest. It ran along the path for quite a way and disappeared into the long grass. It had very strong markings. What could it be as it was on its own ?
Replied on: 10:08am 17-09-2011

The most likely candidate is a Hoopoe - one was seen at Champs Beulai on the same day.

9:29am 06-09-2011
Osprey - Sept 1 over Valongis; Common Redstart Sept 3 Chemin de Meunier; Wryneck Sept 3 on Saye track with 6 bartails on beach + 2 redshank there. Whinchat 2 with 11 wheatear Saye; 7 yellow wagtail Fort Albert.
Wood warbler 2 Val l'Emauve Sept 4; Marsh harrier juv male Hougette de la Taillie, Sept 4.
11:49am 20-08-2011
Saturday 20th August, the year's first Convolvulus Hawk-moth in the Etheredges' light trap this morning.
11:16am 06-08-2011
Mark Harding
Possible Otter sighting this morning at 8.20am at Blue Bay Causeway from cliff path. I saw a mammal in the shallow water on the causeway (half tide and no tide run) diving down through the weed and rocks, then watched it for 3 minutes or so as it 'doggy paddled' its way to deeper water when it dived. I never saw it resurface.
Earler this year I never reported a sighting because it seemed far fetched (as the above) but again from distance of around 120m at water level looking west towards Telegraph Bay from a rocky outcrop I was fishing on, on an extremely low spring tide I saw a mammal simialr to an otter almost play like in the kelp which was half submersed due to the low tide. I watch Otters on a regular basis in Scotland, love to think there could be one or two here but need a more positive sighitng, but that is two possibles in the same year.
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