Have you seen any interesting wildlife on Alderney?
Please record your sightings in the box below. If possible please note the time, date and location of your sighting.
Thank You.
(These sightings are personal records and have not been verified.)


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2:01pm 18-01-2013
Grant Le Marchant
Not strictly wildlife but Arctic smoke much in evidence at Longis Bay at approximately 1300 on the 18th Jan. This caused by cold air over a relatively warm sea.
9:02am 14-01-2013
Buzzard over Tourgis and Razorbill in the Harbour about 16:30
12:11am 13-01-2013
James Allison
In answer to post below - 'White heron' is most likely a Little Egret. They frequent Longis quite a lot. Thanks Walking Girl
5:49pm 12-01-2013
Walking Girl
White Heron? Friends with a Herrring Gull on Longis this week. Left side or Raz. The seal was around the Frying pan over the Christmas period too.
11:29am 11-01-2013
Mel Broadhurst
11/01/2012. 10.10 am - 11.15 am
Small grey seal swimming into Frying Pan Bay. Gulls flying around its head (i think it had caught a fish).
It then swam round to Longis Bay (for which I followed), and was floating about the end near the causeway and into the shallows of the bay itself.
5:07pm 04-01-2013
James Allison
Great Spotted Woodpecker seen yesterday and today down at Essex Farm and Longis Bay Garden Centre.
7:02pm 02-01-2013
Mel Broadhurst
02/01/2013. 5.45 pm.
Barn owl flying out of some trees near Barrackmasters lane, whilst walking up Blue-stone just before Frank Dean's place. Great to see, as had not seen one for a couple of weeks.
Also a blonde hedgehog at the same time, bonus!
9:31pm 18-12-2012
A great day today:-
Buzzards at Tourgis
Redwings and Thrush at Fort Albert
Water Rail, Snipe, and a sparrowhawk (flew close ~10 feet past the hide) at Longis Pond (plus, of course, the usual suspects... Little Grebe , Coots, blue tit ,wren and greenfinches)
Stonechat by Longis Road
Willow warbler at the Longis sewage works
1:44pm 13-12-2012
James Allison
Ravens hanging around Longis Bay/Common.

Also Water Rail at Longis Pond.
11:39am 12-12-2012
Waxwing at La Breque
1:19am 12-12-2012
James Allison
11 December:

1am: Barn Owl flying around near war memorial.

Water Rail, Little Grebe at Longis Pond.
Lapwings on fields south of town.
Peregrine flying past Wildlife Bunker.
2:29pm 27-11-2012
frankie yates

Greater Spotted Woodpecker spotted in the trees opposite The Old Barn at Longis. Approx 4.30pm
10:36am 18-11-2012
Grant Le Marchant
Reed bunting by the railway line at the top of Longis Common, approx. 1000 on Sunday 18th Nov.
10:26am 10-11-2012
Lin chiswell
One Minatour beetle, two peregrines flying together midday on 9th November, cliff tops around Telegraph bay.
10:19am 07-11-2012
Grant Le Marchant
Water rail on the road by the railway tracks near Blanchard's. I had to stop the car to let it cross and noticed a cat stalking it. I positioned the car between the cat and the rail enabling it to disappear into the undergrowth going towards Blanchard's.
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