Have you seen any interesting wildlife on Alderney?
Please record your sightings in the box below. If possible please note the time, date and location of your sighting.
Thank You.
(These sightings are personal records and have not been verified.)


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9:43am 06-08-2011
At least 3 Wheatears on Longis Common, 5th August 11am.
3:22pm 18-07-2011
Grey seal just off Platte Saline yesterday (Sunday 17th) at 9am.
Two Med Gulls on Braye beach along with 30+ Black-headed Gulls.
and a Common Sandpiper on Longis bay.
7:28am 08-07-2011
7th July - There are several examples of the spectacular Robin's Pincushion gall on wild rose bushes as you climb down into Vau Pommier
6:56am 04-07-2011
3rd July - saw a Large Tortoiseshell in the shrubs near the Standing Stone.
1:33pm 28-06-2011
On Burhou this weekend (26th-27th) :
Pair of Perigrines hunting over the island - making the puffins very nervous!
Pair of wheatear seen with food- feeding a fledgeling (breeding wheater are very rare in the Balliwick). One hummingbird hawk moth and many forester moths were also seen.
5:01pm 27-06-2011
Honey Buzzard high over Valongis 12:15-12:40 26th June. Moving south.
1:25pm 22-06-2011
john wood
came to wildlife week and have a large number of photos of flowers/ butterflies/ moths/ birds etc seen that week - do you want me to send them on a CD or e-mail a zip file to you?
10:24am 15-06-2011
1-2 late [or early autumn?] sand martins over Longis Pond 20:00 on June 14th. 3-5 reed warblers present.
June 15 - 2 x swift going south.
Plenty of owl activity on island dusk June 15th.
5:52pm 10-06-2011
House Martin - June 8th 55 in off sea [still !] migrating north over island 21:20
1-2 swift with them
3:42pm 10-06-2011
helen dickinson
monday 06/06/11 circa 17.00 hrs
walking from lighthouse towards Longis Bay on the Coastal Path , near Houmet Herbe , in the field between the houses and the
coastal path , being "picked on" by blackbirds
1x Male Adult Cuckoo
1:41pm 05-06-2011
Sunday 5 June, 20 Rannoch Looper moths, easily the most we have seen.
11:46am 04-06-2011
Saturday 4 June, 6 Rannoch Looper moths in the light traps over night, the third year we have had these visitors from northern Europe; also 2 Orache moth & 17 Small Elephant Hawk-moths.
11:10pm 30-05-2011
Marsh Harrier over the Airport (30th May)
12:17pm 26-05-2011
Turtle Dove seen by Rose farm this morning
6:46pm 22-05-2011
Bordered Sallow in moth trap last night. Found here but in none of the other Channel Islands.
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