Have you seen any interesting wildlife on Alderney?
Please record your sightings in the box below. If possible please note the time, date and location of your sighting.
Thank You.
(These sightings are personal records and have not been verified.)


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3:08pm 06-11-2012
James Allison
Large flocks of thrushes migrating through. Mainly Fieldfares, but plenty of Redwings too. Football pitch and surrounding area looks like a popular stop-off!

A huge chunk of what looks like whale flesh/blubber has been washed up next to the Clonque causeway. Quite stinky but well worth a poke!
12:40pm 06-11-2012
Mel Broadhurst

Female grey seal lolling about in Braye harbour, near the East end. 10.30am.
2:54pm 05-11-2012
Mel Broadhurst

6.45pm (ish) Barn owl hunting for approx 10-12 minutes on field opposite the wooden puffin statue along Longis Road.
11:14am 04-11-2012
Grant Le Marchant
Two ravens seen at Longis Common at approx.0930.
2:15pm 02-11-2012
James Allison
Kingfisher seen at Longis Pond at 13:30.
10:37am 30-10-2012
James Allison
Saturday 27/10/12

Grey Wagtail
Woodcock - Essex Hill

Sunday 28/10/12

Meadow Pipit
Water Rail
Pochard (female) - Longis Pond
Song Thrush
Merlin (female) - Houmet Herbe
Red-breasted Flycatcher - Houmet herbe
Black Redstart
Ringed Plover
Brent Goose (3) - Saye Bay

Monday 29/10/12

Mute Swan - Braye Bay
2:37pm 16-10-2012
Martin McGill
We all enjoyed birding Alderney from 10-14th October 2012. Highlights that I saw were 3 Firecrest near Harbour Lights on 10th, 2 near Builders Merchants 11th, Hobby-single juv daily 10-14th and seen everywhere, 12 Redstart on 11th at least 5 Ring Ouzel 11th,one 12th, 90 Chiffchaff 11th, 21 Pink-footed Geese that flew along south side on 11th, Black Redstart, 5 Whinchat 11th, 3 12th, Slavonian Grebe 12th, 4 Mediterranean Gull 10th, 3 on 11th and 13th, 2 Stock Dove 13th and Small Copper on 11th and 2 Migrant Hawkers on 13th at the sewage works. Full trip report to come.
11:20am 11-10-2012
James Allison
3 Hobbies just north of Gannet Viewpoint - looked to be catching insects rather than all the Swallows flying past!
2:40pm 10-10-2012
James Allison
2 Brent Geese (Dark-bellied) at Longis Bay (opposite sewage works).
5:19pm 28-09-2012
28 September 2012: Hoopoe feeding between the lighthouse and 'old man's nose' observed and photographed in the late morning.
5:40pm 27-08-2012
Adam Mortimer
Shrew photographed on the road leading to the airport (from coastal walk) on Sunday 26 August 2012 at about 4:00pm. Not sure if a Common Shrew or Pigmy Shrew?
Replied on: 2:13pm 29-08-2012

It will have been a Greater White-toothed Shrew as this is the only species of shrew we have on Alderney.

9:04am 03-08-2012
Steven Parrilla
At 0644 on the 03 August, I saw a large Dorsal fin in Crabby Bay, the Colour was dark grey with a Black Tip. I couldn't see the legnth of the shark. could it be a Basking Shark, It was about 50ft from the high tide mark.
11:03am 25-07-2012
lin chiswell
10.30am 25th July. Sandwich tern on Braye beach
3:32pm 23-07-2012
simon boreham
Yesterday lunchtime (22/7/12) at 12:18 approx, we the airport fire service were called to recover a bird from the runway/taxiway intersection.
A visiting aircraft reported sighting the bird along side the runway, we identified this to be a common buzzard.
Weight .72 kg
wing span (tip to tip, stretched out) 44"

this appeared to be a young bird, and there was no visable sign of a prop strike or damage to the bird, although it was obvious that the neck was broken.
Watch Manager, Simon Boreham
7:32pm 22-07-2012
lin chiswell
cliffs/ path above Telegraph bay, 1300-1600 on Saturday 21st July.
1. large 'raft' of shags in water, counted 75 but more than that.
2. two peregrines, seen several times with prey in talons, sometimes dropping it.
3. at least 3 ravens
4. kestrels
5. a Bluetit and several Great tits in gorse bushes
6. seal in bay to right of Telegraph as you look to sea.
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