Have you seen any interesting wildlife on Alderney?
Please record your sightings in the box below. If possible please note the time, date and location of your sighting.
Thank You.
(These sightings are personal records and have not been verified.)


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6:45am 16-04-2013
Water Rail seen in Trois Vaux scrape, Monday eve (15th April)
4:29pm 15-04-2013
Mark Smith
Grey Wagtail on Braye beach near the mid-beach cutting. Seen 4th May morning.
2:25pm 11-04-2013
Beautiful view of a male sparrowhawk flying low over Longis beach.
Sandmartins (3 or 4) near L'arch/Corblets. Very sleek Grey Wagtail on beach at bottom of Tourgis hill along with a Wheatear or two.
10:10pm 09-04-2013
Today: Swallows near Houmet Herbe also Tern and Rock Pipet. Goldcrest in gorse near Houmet Herbe . 3 Razorbills in water off Giffoine. Wheatears near Longis road
Pipistrelles at Barrackmasters Walk and Ladysmith (observed and detected) and airport road (detected).

Last few days: 6 Brent Geese at Crabby, Stonechat near Longis Hide, Tern fishing, Black headed gull at Platte Saline. Male blackcap remains a regular at the garden feeders. A meadow pipit also has been visiting the garden (in town). Two water rails have been making good viewing from Longis hide.
6:35pm 08-04-2013
Tim Morley
At least 13 Brent Geese around Braye Bay and Harbour from 10.30 this morning until now.
9:52am 07-04-2013
6th April 20.30 - 2 pips seen flying along the Airport Road
1:33pm 06-04-2013
Angela Mason
Friday 5th April middayish
Redstart . Beautiful, striking bird flew in to the trees near the footpath leading to the Bonne Terre from the hill going from Allee es Fees to Plate Saline. (sorry do not know the name of the road though I travel on it most days!)
I am pretty sure it was a Redstart not a Black Redstart as it was so brilliantly coloured.
It was a first for me though I have seen Black Redstarts before in Wales.
Hope someone else saw it or will do in the days to come. It was a real treat.
9:36am 06-04-2013
Phil Henderson
2 male Garganey on Mannez pond (9am)
4:48pm 04-04-2013
2 Water rail at Longis hide by feeding station, Blackcap (male) feeding on fatballs in garden, Meadow pipit in garden. Wheatear at Giffoine.
3:28pm 01-04-2013
Phil Henderson
Bluethroat again today at Longis hide feeding station (11am)
1:21pm 31-03-2013
Francis Short
Sunday 13.00 hrs. Black redstart feeding in our garden.
4:20pm 27-03-2013
Tim Morley
Common Tern over Braye Harbour 14:00.
12:55pm 27-03-2013
Phil Henderson
and at Longis feeding station, a Bluethroat
9:24am 27-03-2013
Phil Henderson
More awesome birds today in our northern bays:
Cats Bay - 1 Black Redstart (Male)
Corblets - 2 Ringed Plovers
Saye - Several Wheatear, 4 Curlew, 1 Whimbrel, 1 Redshank, 1 Stonechat
Braye - Several Wheatear, 5 Turnstone, 1 Black Redstart (Female - distinctly paler)
1:19pm 26-03-2013
Phil Henderson
Three sightings of Wheatear this morning: one on Longis Common; one on the dirt-road to the impot (seen by Tim); one on the path between zig-zag and the guns! Also had a cracking view of a Goldcrest at the top of Mannez steps
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